8 Best Infrared Saunas Reviewed in 2021

If you’re looking to make a luxurious purchase for your home, then a personal sauna should definitely be at the top of your list. However, when it comes to choosing the best one for you, it can all get a little bit confusing.

Thankfully, we’ve prepared this list of the best-infrared saunas to help you out.

Being able to jump into a hot sauna after a long day of work is a truly blissful experience. With your own sauna, you’ll never have to worry about making time to drive out to the spa when you crave that soothing experience.

Read on to discover more about what infrared saunas can do for you and to find the best options available on the market today. We’ve also thrown in a buying guide that tells you all you need to know about what to look for in a great sauna.

Best Infrared Saunas 2021

Below, you’ll find our list of the best infrared saunas you can buy. Each one offers unique advantages, so you can be sure that they’ll be something for you on the list. At the end of this section, we’ll give you our verdict and let you know which saunas are our absolute favorites.

1) Maxxus Saunas Seattle

Product Description

The first product on our list of the best infrared heat saunas is the Seattle model from Maxxus. Maxxus is a highly respected brand that has been producing top-quality saunas throughout its rich history. The Seattle is no different and consistently ranks as one of the best personal infrared products on the market.

The Seattle is designed to be big enough for two to comfortably relax inside. It is constructed out of double-paneled, reforested Canadian Hemlock wood, which is a great material for heat retention and durability.


It features an impressive 6 FAR infrared heat panels. Two are located in the rear wall, one on each side wall, one under the bench, and one in the floorboards. This provides impressive all-round heat coverage that ensures there are no sections of the interior warmer than others.

A cool feature of this particular product is the inclusion of a reading lamp and interior speakers. The speakers are accessed via a 3.5mm AUX cord which can be plugged into any music playing device. The inclusion of these gadgets makes the Seattle an even more pleasant place to relax.

The Seattle operates up to a maximum of 140F and usually operates between 120F and 130F. This is the perfect temperature for effective infrared heat therapy, which offers a number of unique benefits to health and wellbeing.


  • Has some cool bonus features such as interior speakers
  • Consistent infrared heat coverage


  • Some users might not need the speakers


Product Description

Our next recommendation is the Barcelona. This one is made by DYNAMIC SAUNAS, who are another brand well known in the industry for putting together comprehensive home saunas that are suitable for a variety of different uses.

The Barcelona is big enough for two users but if you like to stretch out and relax then it is probably best for one person. As with the Maxxus Seattle, Canadian Hemlock Wood is used as the main construction material. This wood has become particularly popular recently as more and more manufacturers have started to discover its potential.


DYNAMIC SAUNAS makes it their mission to always keep the EMF output of their FAR infrared heat providers as low as possible. This makes the heaters as safe as possible and ensures that aren’t any negatives associated with using the product regularly.

Heat is evenly distributed around the interior thanks to the all-round heating panels. This sauna also includes quite an innovative foot heating panel, which passes extra infrared heat up through the floorboards.

A nice feature is the built-in LCD screen and DVD player. This is a pretty unique inclusion and allows users to really kick back and relax during their infrared therapy sessions. The interior speakers can also be used to playback your favorite tunes or podcasts.


  • Very low EMF output from FAR infrared heaters
  • Even distribution of heat


  • The color of these saunas might not be for everyone

3) RELAX Infrared

Product Description

Here we have probably the most unique FAR infrared sauna on this list. All the other saunas are constructed out of wood, but this product is completely different. To use it, you actually climb inside and zip an insulating material around your body.

This product is quite hard to describe, so definitely look at a picture if you’re struggling to visualize it from our description. There is a neck hole and arm slots to keep your hands free if you want to read a book or go on your phone during your FAR infrared therapy sauna session.


This Relax is operated via a plastic control panel. This panel can be operated whilst the product is in use, so you can really dial in the perfect temperature for you. Somewhat surprisingly, this Relax FAR infrared sauna can reach impressive temperatures that definitely rival fully wooden saunas.

The product is specifically designed to be used as a health benefit rather than for pure relaxation. This makes it a fantastic option if you’re looking for something to encourage weight loss, sweat out toxins, or improve blood circulation.

These types of saunas are pretty unrivaled when it comes to ease of use. The feeling of zipping yourself in is also a fun and novel experience that you will be wanting to repeat time and time again. The whole product folds down into an included carry case, which can be stored anywhere!


  • A great alternative to a wooden design for those struggling for space
  • Offers impressive health effects such as weight loss and toxins emission


  • Unique design

4) Maxxus Canadian

Product Description

This corner sauna from Maxxus is large and spacious and designed to have enough room for three people. We’ve already discussed Maxxus’ reputation, and this Canadian Corner product also lives up to the hype – the build quality especially is second to none.

This is yet another product constructed out of Canadian Hemlock wood, responsibly farmed in a reforestation scheme. The particular wood used here is some of the best Hemlock around, and you really get all the benefits you’d expect such as great heat retention and expansion resistance.


This is one of the biggest saunas on this list, and there is definitely ample space for three users as advertised. There are an impressive nine FAR infrared heaters that are tactically placed around the interior to provide the best heat coverage.

Despite the number of FAR infrared devices, the EMF and ELF output is very low, which is always an advantage. Low EMF levels mean you can safely stay in for a long sauna session and reap the big benefits of infrared therapy, such as fighting muscle soreness and improving general well being.

Whether you jump in for a quick 15 minutes or relax in there with a good book, you are bound to have a great experience. Maxxus’ FAR infrared technology is effective at heating the skin without affecting the core temperature of your body too much, which reduces fatigue.


  • nine FAR infrared heaters
  • Fantastic wood quality


  • Probably too big for couples or single owners


Product Description

The next option on our list of the best FAR infrared saunas is the Lugano from DYNAMIC SAUNAS. We looked at the Barcelona model earlier in this list, and the Lugano is quite similar. The main difference is that the Lugano is big enough for three people, whereas the Barcelona was best for one or two.

This is another FAR infrared sauna that is made out of Canadian Hemlock wood. You’re probably bored of us talking about this wood by now but it really is a great material. The fact that loads of companies use this wood should speak volumes about how good it is.


The Lugano is home to nine FAR infrared heating panels that are spread around the interior. The thick wood holds the heat from these panels very well without ever getting too warm to sit on. This is always the balance to look for.

The Lugano has great temperature control overall which makes it perfect for any sauna session length from 15 minutes up to an hour. The temperature can be adjusted whilst your inside and can be cranked up to an impressive 140F.

As with the Barcelona, the Lugano offers some interesting features such as interior speakers and colored lighting. This makes the Lugano a great place to relax whilst flushing out all those nasty toxins from your body.


  • Great heat levels help sweat out toxins
  • Cool multimedia features


  • Too big for a small room

6) JNH Lifestyles Joyous

Product Description

Another FAR infrared sauna that we recommend is the Joyous model from JNH Lifestyles. This product has a futuristic design that helps it stand out from all of the other saunas on this list. The sauna definitely lives up to its Joyous nametag when it comes to styling.

The wood is also of a high quality and importantly is untreated and unstained. This means the wood will never let out any chemicals or paint residue toxins as it heats up. Untreated wood is always something to look out for whenever you’re looking at saunas.


This FAR infrared sauna has an impressive power output of 1540 watts, which is more than enough to reach temperatures high enough to sweat out toxins and increase blood flow around the body. The heat is provided by FAR infrared heaters located on all panels of the interior.

As with some of the other options on this list, JNH Lifestyles have built-in some extra features to make your experience even more relaxing. The speaker system is particularly impressive here, featuring a Bluetooth connection so that you don’t have to be messing about with external cables.

The digital control panel is also well laid out and easy to get your head around. A lot of saunas can seem difficult to set up and adjust, but that is definitely not the case with the Joyous.


  • High power output
  • One of the easiest saunas to adjust and control


  • Modern styling might not appeal to everyone

7) Radiant Saunas FAR Infrared

Product Description

Here we have another FAR infrared sauna, this time from the great people over at Radiant Saunas. Radiant Saunas have built a reputation for their high-quality products and have become one of the premier brands in the business.

This particular product is advertised as being suitable for two, and we think this is definitely fair. In fact, this product is quite a bit larger than most other saunas that claim to be for two people. The height of the interior is over six feet, which means most users can climb in and out very easily.


If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, then this one should definitely be near the top of your list. Not only does it work seamlessly, but it is also packed with features such as chromotherapy lighting, built-in speakers, and an oxygen ionizer to help you fully kick back and chill out.

The FAR infrared heaters work very well in this product, and you can literally feel the quality of the heat they output. The best FAR infrared waves only transfer around 20 percent of their heat to the air, and 80 percent to the skin. It definitely feels like the Radiant gets close to this ratio.


  • Some of the best FAR infrared heaters around
  • Packed with relaxation-inducing features


  • Colour might be to everyone’s taste

8) Dynamic Alicante

Product Description

The final recommendation we have for you is the Dynamic Alicante. This sauna is designed for one or two people, and we’d definitely say it’s best for a single person if you like to stretch out and relax. Having said that, the interior is tall and spacious so it isn’t uncomfortable with two inside.

We think the design of the Alicante is particularly attractive, especially the red-tinted FAR infrared heaters. These heaters are spread evenly and you don’t notice any spots in the interior that are warmer or cooler than anywhere else.


The combined power of the FAR infrared heaters manages to push the maximum temperature of this sauna above 140F. This is pretty impressive and there aren’t many competitors that can get this hot.

Usually, the temperature will be at 120-130F, which is more than hot enough to penetrate human tissue and provide those wonderful benefits.


  • Excellent heating system
  • Spacious enough for two people


  • Most people won’t make use of the 140F+ temperature possibilities

Our Verdict

Hopefully, you’ve spotted something on this list that attracts you and gets you excited about owning your very own infrared sauna. There are loads of great options here and each will give you access to amazing health perks such as the removal of toxins and better blood flow.

However, our absolute favorite on this list has to be the Barcelona model from DYNAMIC SAUNAS. It’s extremely well built by a reputable company and we love the extra features that they’ve thrown in. This is the perfect sauna for couples or someone living alone.

Infrared Sauna Buying Guide

When you first start delving into the world of infrared saunas, it can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. It seems like there are loads of things to consider and lots of big decisions to make.

This is somewhat true, but hopefully, this section will make it easier for you to work out exactly what kind of infrared therapy product will be best for you.

We’d recommend going through each of the following categories and deciding what is most important to you in each one. Then, when it comes to picking out your infrared sauna, you’ll have a checklist of features to look out for.

Infrared Heat output

The first thing to consider when deciding on an infrared sauna is the heat output that it offers. All infrared saunas will have different heat outputs, so it’s important to look into any sauna’s heat values before buying.

A therapy session is usually most effective at temperatures between 120F and 130F. Therefore, you want to ensure that any infrared product you’re considering can comfortably reach these values.

Most high-quality infrared saunas will be able to achieve these kinds of temperatures, and the best will be able to go up to around 140F.

Wood type

The wood type used in construction is also an important factor to consider. Different types of wood will have varying levels of heat retention, which will in turn make them more or less effective as a building material.

Ideally, you are looking for a wood type that retains a lot of heat and doesn’t let it bleed out of the interior. On the other hand, you also want a wood that doesn’t get extremely hot to the point where you can’t even sit on it.

Canadian Hemlock wood is perhaps the most popular choice since it is very resistant to moisture. This means as you introduce infrared heat, the materials are less likely to expand and bend.

Basswood is another common wood used in infrared saunas since it is hypoallergenic, making it ideal for users who are sensitive to fragrances or other irritants.

EMF and ELF levels

EMF stands for electromagnetic fields. Electromagnetic fields are present in nearly every aspect of modern life, whether you are on your computer or walking through a shopping mall. However, for health reasons, it is best to limit your exposure to electromagnetic fields as much as possible.

The best saunas keep EMF and ELF (extremely low-frequency waves) to an absolute minimum whilst they output their infrared heat. This keeps anyone using them as safe as possible and they don’t have to worry about EMF levels at all.

Be sure to look into the EMF levels of the infrared saunas you are considering and make sure the manufacturers have actively tried to keep them low.

Build quality

As with any product, the build quality should be one of your number one concerns when picking an infrared sauna. Infrared saunas usually aren’t cheap, which makes it even more essential to choose a product that is definitely going to hold up for years to come.

A sauna with a high build quality will firstly use the best woods in its construction. We’ve already talked about how different woods can help heat retention, but the strength of the wood is also important to consider. The wood used is the number one indicator as to how durable saunas are going to be.

The device that provides the infrared heat also needs to be of a high-quality. Not only will this ensure your product heats up efficiently and quickly, but also that the amount of potentially harmful EMF waves released is kept to an absolute minimum.

Health Benefits of Sauna Therapy

We’ve already mentioned that infrared saunas can be beneficial to health in some pretty unique ways. Whether you’re looking for ways to increase circulation, boost your immune system, or generally improve your health, infrared saunas might be able to help you along the way.

Here are a few of the most commonly claimed benefits of using infrared saunas:

Lowers blood pressure

Some research shows that both diastolic pressure and systolic pressure can be lowered by using infrared saunas. Low blood pressure is one of the biggest factors that keeps the heart functioning healthily and effectively.

Keeping the pressure of the blood at a healthy level also reduces the likelihood of strokes, kidney disease, and heart problems later on in life. The fact that this incredible health benefit can be obtained just from relaxing in a hot room really is quite remarkable.

Boosts immune system

It has been said that infrared saunas can also work to boost the immune system of anyone who uses them. Because of the increased heat, your body’s defense systems start to improve quickly and you’re more likely to become more resistant to colds and flu.

Having a strong immune system can also help combat exhaustion and can even improve athletic performance. Generally, keeping your immune system in top shape is going to bring you a lot of benefits in all areas of your life.

Encourages weight loss

Since infrared saunas can cause a person’s body temperature to increase, this can burn calories and encourage weight loss. Although you aren’t going to be shedding pounds from sitting in a hot room alone, the process is a great compliment to regular exercise and you will likely see quicker results by using one.

The sweat produced by the body also releases toxins and flushes out your systems. Detoxifying your body can make you feel healthier, stronger, and more relaxed.

Improves blood circulation

As your body temperature increases, the blood vessels dilate. This leads to improved blood flow to the skin and encourages blood to circulate more freely.

This is good for short term effects, such as recovery from exercise, but also trains the body to keep blood circulating better in the long term. This is one of the biggest advantages of infrared saunas and can have a great impact on athletic performance as well as general health.

Pain relief

Results from various studies have shown that saunas can help with pain relief. This is why lots of people choose to jump in the sauna after exercise since the heat encourages blood flow to the torn muscles.

Saunas can also provide treatment and relief for more permanent afflictions such as problems with joints. The heat can increase flexibility and encourage joint mobility. This is perhaps a health benefit that many would not expect from an infrared sauna, which makes it all the more impressive.

Infrared Therapy FAQs

We get asked a lot of questions about infrared saunas all the time. However, most of the questions are very similar, which is why we’ve prepared this list of FAQs that covers most of them.

If you’re looking for specific information about a particular model, such as its dimensions or more in-depth health information, then be sure to head to the manufacturer’s website for the most comprehensive overview of a product.

What is an infrared sauna?

Unlike a traditional sauna, infrared saunas use light energy to provide heat. A traditional model will usually use hot coals and steam to reach high temperatures and are the type often seen at spas and health clubs.

Infrared saunas offer a number of unique health benefits that aren’t replicated by other types. Infrared therapy is now a popular and well-researched phenomenon that many health professionals recognize as a great way to tackle certain health problems.

Having your own infrared product at home makes it easy to have regular infrared therapy sessions and keep your body in great condition. The best part about infrared therapy is that all you have to do is relax in a sauna, which everyone loves doing!

Do infrared saunas really work?

Using infrared heat to power a sauna has been proven to be just as effective as steam and coal power. In fact, infrared heat actually offers some big advantages and health benefits that aren’t replicated by other types of heat.

These health benefits have been proven in a variety of in-depth studies. The studies have shown that infrared saunas can indeed play a role in the recovery from and management of various health problems, and can be exceptional tools for improving athletic performance.

Infrared saunas are also much more practical for home use than other traditional sauna setups. They heat up quicker and are generally much more energy efficient. This makes them cheaper to run and safer for indoor home use.

Why are infrared saunas good for you?

Most of the health benefits of infrared heat come from the fact that the warmer climate encourages the body to perform at a higher level. This trains the body to reach that level during daily life.

For example, infrared heat causes the blood vessels to dilate and circulate blood around the body faster. Having a regular session is likely to train your body to pump your blood more effectively.

Additionally, the process of sweating also has some desirable health benefits. Firstly, it releases toxins and flushes your body out. Secondly, releasing sweat can also encourage weight loss, and getting in the sauna is always a great way to cap off a workout and solidify the work you’ve done in the gym.

What do you wear to infrared saunas?

The basic rule to remember is to wear loose-fitting clothing. Any clothing that is tight to the body is likely to be uncomfortable in the heat and will become very sticky as you start to sweat and detox.

You can also just wear a towel or undergarments if that makes you more comfortable. It is also recommended that you don’t apply oils or body lotions before sessions in saunas.

Is it safe to use infrared every day?

Infrared saunas are indeed safe to use daily. In fact, daily use is the best way to start to see the benefits that we’ve talked about throughout this article. Having said that, for beginners, it is best to limit a sauna session to 10 or 15 minutes at first. This will allow your body to start to acclimatize to the infrared heat.

Most people spend around 30 minutes in the sauna once they have got used to it. A sauna is a really great place to relax and contemplate whilst giving your body the chance to detoxify and recover from daily life.

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