One Person Sauna

Nothing combines convenience and luxury quite as well as a one-person sauna.

No longer reserved for spas and leisure centers, anyone can now enjoy the sauna experience from the comfort of their own home!

Because of their compact and carefully considered design, customers can fit one person sauna models within almost any sized home – including those who do not have a lot of free space.

If you are looking to delve into the world of one person saunas, then you are in the right place.

Below we’ll cover all you’ll need to know to bring some spa-quality bliss to your abode, as well as highlight the features of some top models that you should consider.

Best 1 Person Saunas in 2021

Those who are new to one-person saunas should keep in mind that most models are far-infrared powered, rather than using steam like a traditional sauna.

Far-infrared panels maximize space, as the infrared heat-producing panels are slim and fit along the interior walls of 1 person sauna models.

Steam saunas also require a far larger surface space to operate, making them less ideal for use within a home environment.

1.Maxxus Saunas Seattle

Product Description

The Maxxus ‘Seattle’ low-EMF far-infrared sauna model is one of the best on the market by far.

Their double paneled construction made entirely from Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood offers optimal heat generation and retention and looks fantastic in the process.

The Maxxus Seattle’s optimal heat output is between 130F-140F, which is the perfect temperature to indulge yourself for the longest time possible – without any risks.

With its soft-touch LCD control panels, which let the user set their sauna’s heat or duration quickly, and built-in MP3 Aux speakers, The Maxxus Seattle is the full package.


Users of the Maxxus Seattle Sauna can plug it into any standard 15 amp 110 Volt output, so its assembly typically takes less than an hour – and no special wiring is needed.

Its 48″ x 42″ x 75″ (DxWxH) exterior dimensions and 44″ x 38″ x 68″ (DxWxH) interior make it perfectly suited to fit two people – or give one person more than enough room to lounge freely.

Why choose this Sauna?

If you are looking for a low-EMF, far-infrared two-person sauna you can plug in the end enjoy, this is the model for you.


  • The Maxxus Seattle lets users alleviate joint, muscle, or back pain quickly and efficiently from home, within a warming and relaxing, wood-paneled environment.


  • Because this is a two-person sauna, it may be slightly large for customers who have little space.


Product Description

The Dynamic ‘Barcelona’ model is another top-quality Far-Infrared sauna.

The interior and exterior are crafted entirely from the most robust and durable, natural reforested Canadian Hemlock wood.

Hemlock wood looks and smells astounding and means the sauna heats up and retains the heat far faster than other saunas, which reduces the amount of energy lost.

The ‘Barcelona’ uses six energy-efficient infrared carbon heaters spread evenly along the sauna’s interior to produce up to 140″F of heat.

Its minimalist design features sleek wood paneling, a tempered glass door, a smaller window, and a built-in LCD panel, allowing the user to control the low-EMF infrared energy panels.

The Barcelona sauna model also features a light control setting that emits different colored lights and a built-in MP3 system and speakers to add to its sense of luxury and comfort.


Measuring approximately 44″ x 38″x 68″ (WxDxH), the interior of the Dynamic ‘Barcelona’ is a comfortable size to fit either one or two people.

With its simple to use clasp-together assembly, setting up your Dynamic ‘Barcelona’ can be done in a matter of minutes.

Additionally, the ‘plug and play’ set up means users can plug it into any standard 15amp 130 Volt outlet.

Why choose this sauna?

One bonus feature of the ‘Barcelona’ which sets it apart from other infrared saunas is that it also includes built-in Chromotherapy lights.

The skin absorbs each light on the visible spectrum at varying depths.

The depth that the light penetrates the skin produces varying effects on the body, such as treating muscle pain, fatigue, or even skin conditions such as acne.

These lights are known as Chromotherapy, and anyone who buys a Dynamic ‘Barcelona’ gets a dynamic, low-EMF infrared sauna and a built-in Chromotherapy device!


  • Any customer who purchases a Dynamic ‘Barcelona’ low-EMF infrared sauna not only gets the health benefits of an infrared heated sauna but can also target their bodies with Chromotherapy at the same time.


  • Due to the popularity of this sauna, the available stock levels may not always match consumer demand.

3.RELAX Infrared Sauna

Product Description

For customers looking to get the maximum amount of health benefits from their sauna session, the Relax Infrared Sauna may be one for you!

The Relax model isn’t made from Hemlock as other models are, and therefore does not resemble a typical sauna as you may recognize it.

Designed explicitly to detoxify and rejuvenate the user’s skin, the Relax infrared sauna jets out 1400 Watts of pure heating infrared light!

The Infrared light that the Relax model transmits is the same type of light produced by the sun.

It has been proven by numerous clinical research trials to directly affect users’ metabolism, cellular growth, and lymphatic drainage.


Duel 700 Watt FIR emitting radiators heat the Relax sauna – each of these heaters has twenty patented semiconductors within them.

These semiconductors make sure that only near-infrared light emits by filtering out unwanted or non-beneficial light waves.

A computer system also works in tandem with the superconductors to keep the sauna at a comfortable temperature and ensure that the pure FIR emissions are consistent.

The Relax one-person sauna measures 46″ x 32″ x 33′ (WxDxH), which is the ideal amount of space for a user to sit on the chair provided, with their head exposed through a hole at the top.

Why choose this sauna?

The Relax Sauna is a must-have for anyone looking to stimulate their mitochondria and promote healthy blood flow and circulation.

Being a more health-orientated sauna, the Relax model lets users benefit from the therapeutic power of near-infrared energy in a way that few other sauna models can compete with.

The Relax sauna can also be a great way to improving the blood pressure of customers that suffer from hypertension or obesity.


  • The Relax Sauna has proven effective in treating arthritic pain, reducing muscle inflammation, and detoxifying metabolic waste.


  • As it is a more health-focused sauna, it does not have built-in speakers or sound systems.

4. Maxxus Canadian Corner Sauna

Product Description

Another top-quality sauna for customers looking to make the most of a small space is the Maxxus Canadian Corner Sauna.

The Maxxus Canadian is a three-person corner sauna with all the gadgetry you’d expect to find in a high-end home Sauna – including a built-in CD player, FM radio, and speaker system.

The Maxxus Canadian Corner sauna is made entirely from double paneled Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood of the most robust and most durable quality out there.

It features nine different far-infrared carbon energy-efficient heaters placed throughout the sauna’s interior – including an industry-leading foot-heater.

The sauna retains its heat through the double paneled construction of the sauna and the bronze privacy tempered glass doors and windows.


The Maxxus Canadian Corner Sauna measures 60” x 60″ x 75” (WxDxH), which is plenty of space to fit three users simultaneously.

Being a corner sauna, the Maxxus is best placed in a room’s corner to optimize the available space.

Assembling the Maxxus Canadian Corner Sauna is a breeze due to its clip-together assembly, and users can power it through any standardized 20 Amp 120 Volt plug.

Why choose this sauna?

The Maxxus Canadian far-infrared sauna features a seamless and easy-to-use soft-touch LCD control panel, allowing users to effortlessly set their infrared sauna to the heat they are most comfortable with.

In addition to this, the Maxxus Canadian sauna also features an additional control panel that operates multiple colored lights within it.

These lights allow the user to benefit from therapeutic Chromotherapy alongside their sauna experience.


  • As a luxury sauna, the Maxxus Canadian sauna has a seamless, built-in MP3 auxiliary connection, a CD player, and a radio!


  • As the Maxxus Canadian is a three-person corner model, it may be too large for some dwellings.


Product Description

Another three-person infrared sauna for those looking to pamper themselves in warmth and style is the Dynamic Saunas Lugano.

Unlike the Maxxus model, the Lugano is not built for a corner and is square in dimension.

It is constructed entirely from Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood and features dynamic accent lighting on the exterior and Chromotherapy lights within the interior.

The Dynamic Saunas Lugano model features nine dynamic low EMF far-infrared heaters spread evenly throughout the sauna’s interior.

It also includes a built-in MP3 sound system, a spacious bench that can fit three people comfortably, and atmospheric lighting.


The interior of the Dynamic Saunas Lugano infrared sauna model measures approximately  57″ x 41″ x 69″ (WxDxH), which is more than adequate to fit three people easily.

It has a built-in soft-touch LCD, which lets users choose their sauna’s temperature and lows them to put an automatic timer on, determining each session’s length.

Why choose this sauna?

If you are looking for a near-infrared sauna for your home which offers comfort and style, the Lugano has both in spades!

Its simple click-together assembly means that owners can assemble it within a matter of minutes, and power it through a specialized 110 V/20 Amp socket, which comes with the sauna.


  • The Dynamic Saunas Lugano far-infrared sauna heats 30% faster than ceramic heaters and looks magnificent doing it!


  • As it is a three-person sauna, it might not be suitable for those who have smaller homes.

Buyer’s Guide to 1 Person Saunas

With so many attractive models on offer, it can seem overwhelming when you’re faced with the challenge of choosing the best one person far-infrared sauna.

Luckily for readers, however, we’ve compiled all the essential considerations and key points to keep in mind to ensure that you’ll make a decision you won’t regret.

Infrared Heat Output

The sauna’s heat output is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing.

In layman’s terms, the infrared heat output equates to how warm the sauna will get.

Typically, most far-infrared sauna models operate between 120ºF-140ºF, which is colder than most stream saunas ( 150˚F and 180˚F).

However, you should remember that with a far-infrared sauna, just 20% of the heat goes into the air within the sauna, whereas the user’s body absorbs the remaining 80%.

Heater Type

Most far-infrared sauna heaters use at least six carbon fiber heaters within their interior.

These are flat heaters that have a minute coating of carbon particles – which produce infrared heat.

Carbon heaters are far more energy-efficient than traditional steam saunas, and work by directly penetrating the user’s body and heating it from the outside.


When choosing the materials used in a one person far-infrared sauna, you should always choose the strongest and best quality.

Most far-infrared sauna models are made from wood, as it is both durable, comforting, and able to retain heat.

Cedar wood is a popular material as it is a soft wood, and therefore is resistant to cracking or splitting. Hemlock is another go-to choice for far-infrared sauna models, for the same reasons.

A tent-style construction is another great option for those who are looking for a portable, lighter sauna.

Customers can usually obtain these tent-style models for a lower price than most wood saunas.

EMF and ELF levels

EMF stands for Electromagnetic Field, which is the amount of electrical energy which the sauna produces.

These electromagnetic fields – measured in Milligauss (mG) – can be harmful to humans if they reach levels above 3mG’s.

In a far-infrared sauna, however, the EMF reading is designed to be virtually non-existent.

ELF stands for Shallow frequency – which all electrical devices produce.

All low-EMF far-infrared sauna models produce around 5x less than the threshold for concern, which means they are perfectly safe for prolonged usage.

Size, Capacity & Dimensions

Another obvious consideration when choosing the far-infrared sauna is right for you is the capacity it holds and the space that it occupies.

Those who have a minimal amount of room to work with may wish to purchase a one-person infrared sauna, whereas those who have a more considerable amount of space can opt for saunas with a larger capacity.

Corner-fitted infrared saunas can be a great way of maximizing the space for customers that are looking for a sauna that can accommodate more than one person at a time.


The accessories that individual infrared saunas come with vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Many of the more luxurious models offer built-in sound systems and speakers for optimal relaxation, and several models also come equipped with Chromotherapy lighting options.

Price vs. Quality

When shopping for infrared saunas, there are deals to be found.

However, buyers should be wary of any deal which seems too good to be true – as they most likely are.

When you buy an infrared sauna, you get what you pay for. While swapping price for quality may seem like a good idea at the time, you may lose out at the end if the sauna is cheaply made.


As a far-infrared sauna heats the user’s body from the inside-out – rather than heating the environment around the user as steam or ceramic heaters would – they are considered far safer!

Health Benefits of Portable Infrared Saunas for 1

Low-EMF portable infrared saunas allow users to maximize the health and stress benefits fully, as they penetrate the skin at a depth that is up to 40% deeper than can be achieved by ceramic heaters.

This warmth triggers a chain reaction throughout the user’s body at a deeper depth, leading to several proven health benefits.

Lowers Blood Pressure

When you are in an infrared sauna, your core body temperature rises.

The rise results in the blood vessels widening in the user’s body, allowing for a healthier blood flow and an overall increase in your heart’s health.

One study in Finland found that those who use a sauna regularly can reduce their high blood pressure risk by as much as half!

Boosts Immune System

Our immune system is the first line of defense.

When users sweat, their bodies excrete toxins and heavy metals that have accumulated over time.

Sweating out these toxins in a one-person infrared sauna can strengthen the immune system and help keep your kidney and heart in working order.

Encourages Weight Loss

Another plus of infrared saunas is that they can effectively ‘cheat’ a workout!

As infrared heat warms the body from the inside, it gives the body the illusion of exercise.

By heating this way, the user’s body burns calories faster than through a vigorous cardiovascular workout – and is arguably far more relaxing.

Improves Blood Circulation

Infrared saunas heat the body from inside.

In doing so, the blood vessels dilate, which results in a steadier and healthier flow of oxygen, which reduces inflammation throughout the body and speeds up cellular recovery.

Pain Relief

By penetrating deeply within muscles and joints, an infrared sauna can be a useful tool for treating muscle stiffness, arthritis, and joint pain at home in a relaxing, stress-free fashion.

1 Person Infrared Sauna FAQs

1. What Are 1-Person Saunas?

A 1 person sauna is any sauna that can hold one person.

However, most one-person saunas are infrared, as they are the most energy-efficient, and customers can find one for a reasonable price.

2. How much is a 1 person sauna?

A 1 person far-infrared sauna’s cost depends on the model’s dimensions and the materials used.

For example, a Cheddar wood one person far-infrared sauna equipped with a bench and sound system would generally be more expensive than a portable plastic model.

3. How much electricity does a 1 person sauna use?

Again, the amount of electricity that your one-person model may use largely depends on the sauna’s size and the materials used.

The temperature the sauna operates at can also affect the amount of electricity used, although infrared saunas are considered far more energy-efficient than traditional saunas.

4. Is it OK to sauna twice a day?


Customers are more likely to see wellness results faster the more frequently they use their one-person infrared sauna.

5. What is the healthiest type of sauna?

Because of their low humidity and reasonable air temperature, infrared is the healthiest type of sauna!

6. Is there a difference between far-infrared saunas and traditional saunas?

Traditional models: use steam to warm the environment around the user – causing them to sweat.

Far-infrared models: use carbon heaters at a lower temperature to heat the user’s body from the inside.

7. What does the sauna warranty cover, and how long is the warranty?

The warranty cover when a customer purchases a one-person infrared sauna varies from model to model.

A customer should always check the warranty cover offered on any infrared sauna before making a final purchase.

8. Why are low-EMF and low-ELF levels important?

The low-EMF and low-ELF levels are vital knowledge, as they inform the customer that energy levels which the sauna is emitting are safe.

Knowing the EMF levels are safe lets the customer relax and enjoy their session in peace, knowing they will get all the infrared energy benefits – without any risks!

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