Not everybody enjoys the experience of infrared sauna, we must admit! But it is generally safe to try and use to see if it works for you. 

Common sense should always prevail. We always recommend the advice of a doctor before putting your body to the test in any cold or hot extreme, especially for the first time. Talk to them about your sensitivity to heat, any aversions or previous bad experiences, etc.

At minimum, most users report that they sweated and felt hot. That can be a very unpleasant experience for some, and we understand. We can guarantee you’ll be hot.

Heat exhaustion and dehydration are the biggest risks for you when using an infrared sauna. You can get quite overheated in the dry heat as your body pushes out moisture with all the dirt and oils and toxins released by your pores. Heat stroke is no joke. Be sure to drink lots of plain, room temperature water before, during and after your session.

In the interest of complete disclosure, here’s a list of great reasons why you might NOT want to try infrared sauna blankets or experiences:

  • I’m dehydrated or have no access to water now or later
  • I’m high, drunk or have consumed a lot of caffeine
  • I have a heart condition like cardiovascular disease, underlying heart arrhythmia, and/oratrial fibrillation
  • I have sensitive skin 
  • I’m sensitive to heat
  • I’m claustrophobic and don’t like tight spaces
  • I have wounds that haven’t healed yet
  • I have issues with touching wet surfaces
  • I get light headed easily and/or am prone to dizziness
  • I have nerve and motor function conditions – especially neurological issues that affect your ability to sense heat intensity and respond to it
  • I’m pregnant (unless cleared by doctor, and be aware of heat level restrictions)
  • I’m trying to get someone pregnant
  • I’m allergic to plastic 
  • I’m on medications, especially diuretic medication and/or other drugs for lowering blood pressure
  • I have an underlying health condition, and/or have an implanted medical device
  • I have low blood pressure
  • I have kidney disease or there is a history of kidney disease in my family
  • I’m older and have balance issues
  • I’m under 18
  • My immune system is compromised or weakened
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