Sure.   There really is no correct answer other than, the more you use it, generally, the more you feel results.

Note to read your sauna manufacturer’s instructions closely and follow them. There’s a few extra things to note:

  • Once per day is a great rhythm but may be too much for people at first (or ever!)
  • Try working up from a short session each day of 10-15 minutes, to a few days at 30 minutes, and then see how your body reacts. 60 minutes is usually the limit where most blankets will auto-shutoff, and that’s a great time to end your session too.

Keep a close eye on your hydration and how you feel in the day(s) after your session. Make sure you are replacing the water you lose from sweat, and eat a well rounded diet so you replace the electrolytes you lose without having to resort to sugary sports drinks (yuck!)

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