Yes, and yes absolutely yes! 

You will sweat your booty off in your infrared sauna session and lose a lot of moisture as you do. We suggest a nice glass of water just before, sipping gently during and having another glass after. In the hours after, we suggest keeping an eye on your hydration to be sure you replace what you lost.

Be sure to check out our Daily Water Intake Calculator so you’ll know how much water to drink, both in and out of the sauna.

Some people like sports drinks for adding back electrolytes they may lose. Not everybody loves to drink water straight, we get it. We suggest that you pick drinks that are low in sugar – bad for your teeth and bad for your system. Don’t add back all those toxins you just sweated out!

If you ask your doctor, he or she will tell you that dehydration is one of the most common risks and side effects of using any type of sauna. Be smart and safe and drink plenty of water!

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