Essentially, this comes down to your own individual preference and sense of modesty. 

In conventional sauna rooms, you have to expose as much skin as you can! This is because the steam needs to reach your skin to heat you up. Besides, wearing much of anything in a traditional sauna will start to feel claustrophobic, soggy and kinda gross really fast. 

However, while using an infrared sauna blanket, things are different. We recommend you wear a set of loose, breathable cotton clothes. Sauna blankets surround you at a lower overall temperature, so clothing feels ok. Doing so is also best for hygiene issues and helps keep the blanket clean. Cotton fabrics are known to absorb sweat fairly well.

Some users like to wrap themselves gently in a light large bath towel, but otherwise be naked.

You are welcome to try the full nude approach, but we personally find that we prefer feeling cotton right against the skin vs the material of the blanket. After all, these are blankets made of PVC plastic material – durable and strong but not something you’d want against your skin for hours.

After each session, just shuck that outer cotton layer and hang up in the bathroom rail to dry before tossing in the laundry pile. 

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